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Why insurance?
Experts estimate that cargo theft throughout the world are as much as 36 billion euro a year. When ocean carriers are found to be negligent and have caused loss or damage, their bill of lading will normally protect them to a liability of no more than 500 USD per freight unit (One container or one pallet depending on the quantity described on the carrier’s ocean bill of lading). Depending on the countries involved, air carriers can only be held liable for somewhere between 20-30 USD per kilogram of cargo. Many domestic carriers and warehouse operators limit their liability to one euro per kilogram with a maximum of 50-100 euro. All-risk insurance protects our shippers or consignees who have purchased coverage.
How to value cargo for insurance?
Normally we calculate the insured value adding the ocean or air freight and adding 10% (Unsold) of the total. Thus, a shipment valued at 10,000 euro with 2,000 euro of freight would have insured value of 12,200 euro.
In general, the cost for an all-risk coverage is the 0.35% of the covered value with variations depending from nature of the cargo and country risk also with minimals and franchise to be agreed.

Consular visas

We provide an efficient service for the request of visas on documents and passports effected by appointed operators on the various consular sections.


For the benefit of our customers we offer a trading service for every type of material, from “Made in Italy” quality goods, such as food and clothing, to precious objects, metals and dangerous goods, guaranteeing maximum professionalism and experience in this field as well.


The flexibility and diverse infrastructures allow you to accommodate a wide variety of clients. Whether your need is as simple as storage or require cross dock or transloading services, we can help.


We offer advice and contacts for the planning of shipments, in customs matters and in the development of your business abroad.